The Food Corner

On August 25, 2003 Dick Gephardt's Iowa campaign launched "The Great Gephardt Iowa Pie Challenge."  According to the press release, "Dick Gephardt today called on Iowans to help him find the tastiest, flakiest, fruitiest, creamiest, most scrumptious slices of pie in Iowa."   The release stated, "Iowa has a long tradition of bringing great pies to our nation.  From Stone's 'mile high pie' in Marshalltown to the apple pie at Cronk's Café in Denison, I've only begun to nibble away at the best of what Iowa has to offer - now I need your help in finding all of the great pies in this great state."  As for the weight question, Future First Lady Jane Gephardt is quoted thusly, "I was initially concerned that 'The Great Gephardt Iowa Pie Challenge' was going to mostly be a challenge to Dick's waistline.  But the way he runs around the state of Iowa campaigning for president, I have no doubt that he works off at least as much as he puts down."

Gephardt for President, Inc. Website (October 2003)