JULY 16, 2004

Bush Country Ketchup Finds W Ketchup's response inadequate

W Ketchup fell woefully short in its response to Bush Country Ketchup’s request that W Ketchup clarify their support for President Bush, the conservative cause, and confirm that all of their investors were in fact Republicans.

In a news story exploring some of the conflicting rhetoric and positions of W Ketchup published on July 16 by Talon News(attached below), W Ketchup continued to further muddy the waters with even more dubious and contradictory

In particular, when confronted by Talon News about the political leanings of W Ketchup, Dan Oliver, W Ketchup CEO, stated that he wanted W Ketchup to "be Republican but not partisan, having a positive message all Americans can agree on."

"Oliver’s statement reminds me of John Kerry saying he 'voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it.'  These guys are making the wrong sauce, they should really be making syrup to go with all of the waffling they do," joked Patrick Spero Bush Country Ketchup co-founder.  “It’s now clearer than ever that they are just trying to enrich themselves by capitalizing on the conservative market.  They also have refused to respond to the assertion that they are a copy-cat catsup,” Spero added.

""The great thing about the Republican philosophy is that we believe in the free market and applaud the entrepreneurial spirit, but the rub for W Ketchup is that Republicans also believe in things like honesty,integrity, and truth-in-advertising," noted Bush Country Ketchup co-founder  Chris Cylke, "We had 8 years of a guy who made statements exactly like Mr. Oliver's - his last name was Clinton."

In the Talon News article, Oliver also explained that the purpose of W Ketchup is to "take market share from Heinz"

"I appreciate the fact that Mr. Oliver knows what the function of a competitor is, but just because they fit that definition makes them no more Republican than Hunts or any other non-partisan ketchup out there," said Cylke, "We have made no bones about being Republicans, but I guess that is because we are Republicans before businessmen rather than businessmen before whatever their true affiliations are."

"Since we can't get straight answers from these folks, I have a challenge for 'Washington' Ketchup", stated Spero, "Post this GOPUSA.com article on your website, my guess is that consumers will further realize there are definitely Donkeys running in W Ketchup's so-called herd of Elephants, which would belie their slogan: 'you don't support Democrats, why should your ketchup?'."