The Food Corner

A Bold Choice
Dean staffer Kate O'Connor posted this item on Gov. Dean's August 17, 2003 visit to Tucson, AZ on the campaign's official blog (August 18, 2003):

"Okay, now for the obligatory food story (I think this is a good one).  Prior to the rally the Gov., Cong. Grijalva and some of his supporters had breakfast at a local restaurant.  Everything on the menu was in Spanish.  As most of you know, the Gov. speaks a little Spanish, so he knew what everything was on the menu - expect for one thing.  Being the daring person that he is (and doing the opposite of what most other people would do!), the Gov. ordered the item he didn't know.  The dish the Gov. ordered was called a Meneudo.  Everyone at the breakfast was impressed with the Gov's choice because they figured he knew what it was.  He had the room laughing when he fessed up that he had no idea what he had ordered.  Do any of you know what's in a Meneudo?"

Here's a recipe.