The Food Corner PAC held a nationwide "Bake Sale for Democracy" on April 17, 2004.  It reported raising $750,000 at over 1,000 sites around the country.  Supporters also distributed 43,000 Kerry flyers.  Rosalyn Lemieux signed up to run a sale in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC and was surprised at "just how eager people were to do something."  Eighty five people signed up to bake.  Saturday arrived and volunteers set up four tables around Dupont Circle.  While the tables were still setting up, people stopped by ready to contribute.  Lemieux said she hoped the sale would raise about $1,000; when contributions were counted the sale had brought in $4,231.
Emily Teplin, Mary Politi and Rosemary Engman run a table in front of Lambda Rising.  Teplin said it was "a really easy sell today."  Politi baked organic pumpkin bread.  Engman, who first helped out on John F. Kennedy's campaign when she was at Kent State, provided frosted brownies.
It began to get a bit warm.
Across the Circle on Connecticut Avenue, Melissa Larson and David Meyer partially hidden) ran another table.  Larson, of Silver Spring, MD, baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, about two dozen of each.  Although Meyer didn't do any baking, his girlfriend did and he helped with the packaging, as well as photocopies, clipboards and other legwork.

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