The Food Corner

Peanut Butter
Sen. Kerry sought to re-kindle "the peanut-butter brigade" in a December 2, 2003 speech at Boston University.
He told the students:

"In the late 1960s, young people of my generation wanted to end a war gone wrong, bring our troops home,
advance civil rights for our people, and protect our environment.  They called these young people the
peanut-butter brigade—college kids living on sandwiches who believed that if they knocked on enough Granite
State doors and stood up for what they believed, things could be different.  And they were—because it was
student activism that changed this nation and the world.

"Today, I’m asking you to make history again by forming your own peanut butter brigade.  The issues we’ve
fought for over the years may have changed, but the cause and the dream and the energy we need is the