Democratic Coordinated Campaign Columbus, Ohio Field Office

Early Oct. 2004--"This is the epicenter of battleground Ohio," stated Bob Evans, a veteran and a volunteer from Palmdale, California, on a break outside  Democrats' Columbus, Ohio field office, located in the United Steelworkers union hall at 2182 Groveport Road.  Evans started his involvement in the campaign by going to the Kerry campaign's website.  "I knew I wanted to do something," he said.  When the Swift Boat ads came out, Evans wanted to be visible so he downloaded a bumpersticker.  He talked to other veterans in the community.  On the website he signed up as a Kerry Traveller.  Then call came that he was to report to Columbus on September 22; he arrived a few days early.

(Below) A bumpersticker on another car in the parking lot.  (back)

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