Race for DNC Chair

Change The Party

"Democrats must remember our soul and stand up for who we are.  We must not concede a progressive agenda while they exceed their mandate. We must not concede the values argument while they succeed with their plans.  And we must not concede red America while they proceed to dismantle the blue.  We must fight...  

"Democrats must practice the new politics.  The electorate has changed dramatically in the last fifty years and so must we.  So has the way they get their political information.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result.  Recognizing that there is a new politics requires changing how we think about and approach the voters."

Nov. 2004 Statement "Embracing the New Politics and Perfecting the Old"
Press Release Endorsing Howard Dean (Feb. 4, 2005)

Endorsements Include:

Pennsylvania Democratic State Chair, Representative T. J. Rooney

Idaho DNC member Grant Burgoyne

Jan. 30: executive committee of the Association of State Democratic Chairs

"firm pledges of support  from nine State Chairs representing every region in the country."

Jan. 20: Five DNC members...Alicia Wang, California  -  Marty Dunleavy, Connecticut  - Terry McBrayer, Kentucky  -  Waring Howe, Jr. South Carolina  -  Tom Lakin, Illinois

Jan. 15: Former Secretary of Defense William Perry

Hon. James Clyburn (SC)

former Sen. Fritz Hollings (SC)

Walter H. Shorenstein

former Kerry/Edwards '04 National Finance Director (East) Stephanie Berger 
former Wesley Clark presidential campaign Mid-Atlantic Finance Director Rachel Hirschberg

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