2002 Mid-term Elections
U.S. House

107th Congress: 223R, 208D, 1I, 3 vac. 108th Congress
The House expelled Rep. James Traficant (D-OH) in July 2002.
Rep. Tony P. Hall (D-OH) resigned effective Sept. 9, 2002.
Rep. Patsy Mink (D-HI) died on Sept. 28, 2002.

435 Seats at Stake
and 5 Delegate Seats
Delegate seats--District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands--not considered below.

8 States Gained Seats, 10 States Lost Seats Due to Reapportionment
Gain: AZ +2     CA +1     CO +1     FL +2     GA +2     NV +1     NC +1     TX +2
Loss:  CT -1     IL -1     IN -1     MI -1     MS -1     NY -2     OH -1     OK -1     PA -2    WI -1

36 Retirements/Running for Other Office
(Old District Numbers)

Democrats (15):
FL-17: Carrie Meek retired
IN-3: Tim Roemer retired
IL-5: Rod Blagojevich ran for governor, elected
ME-2: John Baldacci ran for governor, elected
MI-5: Jim Barcia ran for state Senate, elected
MI-10: David Bonior ran for governor, defeated in prim.
NC-1: Eva Clayton retired
NY-29: John LaFalce retired
OH-3: Tony P. Hall retired
OH-17: James Traficant expelled, ran as independent
PA-3: Bob Borski retired
PA-14: William J. Coyne retired
TN-5: Bob Clement ran for governor, defeated
TX-25: Ken Bentsen ran for U.S. Senate, defeated in prim.
WI-5: Tom Barrett retired
Republicans (21):
AL-1: Sonny Callahan retired
AL-3: Bob Riley ran for governor, elected
AZ-3: Bob Stump retired
CA-38: Steve Horn retired
CO-4: Bob Schaffer retired
FL-13: Dan Miller retired
IA-4: Greg Ganske ran for U.S. Senate, defeated
LA-5: John Cooksey ran for U.S. Senate, defeated in prim.
MD-2: Bob Ehrlich ran for governor, elected
NH-1: John Sununu ran for U.S. Senate, elected
NJ-5: Marge Roukema retired
NM-2: Joe Skeen retired
NY-20: Benjamin A. Gilman retired
OK-3: Wes Watkins retired
OK-4: J.C. Watts retired
SC-3: Lindsey Graham ran for U.S. Senate, elected
SD-AL: John Thune ran for U.S. Senate, defeated
TN-4: Van Hilleary ran for governor, defeated
TN-7: Ed Bryant ran for U.S. Senate, defeated in prim.
TX-26: Dick Armey retired
UT-1: James Hansen retired

8 Incumbents Defeated in Primaries
AL-7: Rep. Earl F. Hilliard (D)
lost June 25 primary runoff to Artur Davis  [Hilliard 41,162 (44.00%)    Davis 52,394 (56.00%)]
CA-18: Rep. Gary Condit (D)
lost March 5 primary to Dennis A. Cardoza [Condit 16,618 (38.70%)    Cardoza 22,879 (53.30%)]
GA-7: Rep. Bob Barr (R)
lost Aug. 25 primary to Rep. John Linder    [Barr 31,374 (35.5%)    Linder 56,892 (65.4%)]
GA 4: Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D)
lost Aug. 25 primary to Denise Majette  [McKinney 49,058 (41.7%)    Majette 68,612 (58.3%)]
IN-4: Rep. Brian Kerns (R)
lost May 7 primary to Rep. Steve Buyer  [Kerns 24,443 (29.92%)   Buyer 44,608 (54.61%)]
MI-15: Rep. Lynn Rivers (D)
lost Aug. 6 primary to Rep. John Dingell [Rivers 40,832    Dingell 58,120]
OH-17: Rep. Tom Sawyer (D)
lost primary to Timothy Ryan    [Sawyer 19,247 (27.49%)    Ryan 28,922 (41.31%)]
PA-12: Rep. Frank Mascara (D)
lost May 21 primary to Rep. John Murtha [Mascara 33,837    Murtha 60,687]

8 Incumbents Defeated on Nov. 5
(*4 Races Pitted Incumbents Against Each Other)

Democrats (5)
FL-5: Rep. Karen Thurman
Ginny Brown-Waite (R)  121,998 (47.9%)
Karen Thurman (D)         117,758 (46.2%)
2 others and w/in              14,915 (5.8%)

MN-2: Rep. Bill Luther
John Kline (R)  152,970 (53.33%)
Bill Luther (D)  121,121 (42.22%)
1 other and w/in12,769 (4.45%)

incumbent vs. incumbent
CT-5: Rep. Jim Maloney
Nancy Johnson (R)  113,626 (54.25%)
Jim Maloney (D)         90,616 (43.26%)
two others (CC,L)         5,212 (2.49%)

IL-19: Rep. David Phelps
John Shimkus (R)  133,956 (54.79%)
David Phelps (D)   110,517 (45.21%)

MS-3: Rep. Ronnie Shows
Chip Pickering (R) 139,329 (63.58%)
Ronnie Shows (D)  76,184  (34.76%)
four others                 3,638 (1.66%)

Republicans (3)
MD-8: Rep. Connie Morrella 
Chris Van Hollen (D)  112,788 (51.71%) 
Connie Morella (R)     103,587 (47.49%)
1 other (Unaff.)                1,599 (0.73%)

NY-1: Rep. Felix J. Grucci, Jr.
Timothy H. Bishop (D)  84,276 (47.21%)
Felix J. Grucci, Jr. (R)      81,524 (45.66%)

incumbent vs. incumbent
PA-17: Rep. George W. Gekas
Tim Holden (D)           103,483 (51.41%)
George W. Gekas (R)   97,802 (48.59%)

2 Seats Not Decided on Nov. 5
LA-5: In Dec. 7 runoff, Rodney Alexander (D) d. Lee Fletcher (R) by 974 votes.
Alexander 86,718 (50.28 %)   Fletcher 85,744 (49.72 %).

HI-2: Rep. Patsy Mink (D) died on Sept. 28, 2002 but was nonetheless re-elected on Nov. 5.  Thirty-eight candidates competed in a Nov. 30 special election to fill out the remainder of the term; Democrat Ed Case won.  Case then won a Jan. 4, 2003 special election to hold the seat in the 108th Congress.

Closest Race
CO-7: Bob Beauprez (R) d. Mike Feeley (D) by 121 votes.
Beauprez 81,668 (47.24 %)   Feeley 81,789 (47.31 %)   3Others-G,Ref.,L+w/in 9,422 (5.44 %)

Other Close Results
LA-5 plurality 974
NY-1 plurality 2,752
FL-5 plurality 4,240

At least 76 Incumbents Faced No Major Party Opponent

Democrats (35 of which 20 no opponent or only write-ins):
AR-2: Vic Snyder 
CA-10: Ellen Tauscher  -L
FL-11: Jim Davis 
FL-17: Kendrick Meek  -w/in
FL-20: Peter Deutsch 
GA-2: Sanford Bishop 
GA-5: John Lewis 
IL-3: William Lipinski 
LA-7: Chris John  -I
MA-2: Richard Neal
MA-3: James McGovern
MA-4: Barney Frank
MA-7: Edward Markey
MA-8: Michael Capuano
MA-9: Stephen Lynch
MI-5: Dale Kildee  -L,G
MI-13: Carolyn Kilpatrick  -L
NJ-1: Robert Andrews  -L
NM-3: Tom Udall 
NY-5: Gary Ackerman  -C
NY-6: Gregory Meeks  -IN
NY-10: Edolphus Towns  -C
NY-12: Nydia Velazquez  -C
NY-18: Nita Lowey  -RTL
PA-14: Michael Doyle 
SC-5: John Spratt  -L, CN
TN-9: Harold Ford, Jr.  -I
TX-10: Lloyd Doggett  -L
TX-15: Ruben Hinojosa
TX-16: Silvestre Reyes
TX-20: Charlie Gonzalez
TX-29: Gene Green  -L
VA-3: Robert Scott 
WV-1: Alan Mollohan 
WI-4: Gerald Kleczka  -G

AL-7: Artur Davis  -L

Republicans (41 of which 15 no opponent or only write-ins):
AL-4: Robert Aderholt  -L
AL-6: Spencer Bachus  -L
AR-3: John Boozman 
CA-49: Darrell Issa  -L
FL-4: Ander Crenshaw 
FL-10: Bill Young 
FL-12: Adam Putnam 
FL-14: Porter Goss 
FL-16: Mark Foley  -C
FL-21: Lincoln Diaz-Balart 
GA-10: Nathan Deal 
IL-18: Ray LaHood 
KS-1: Jerry Moran  -L
KY-6: Ernie Fletcher  -I, L
LA-1: David Vitter  -2R
LA-3: Billy Tauzin  -2I
LA-6: Richard Baker  -I
NE-1: Doug Bereuter  -L
NE-3: Tom Osborne  -L
NY-23: John McHugh 
NY-24: Sherwood Boehlert  -G
NC-3: Walter Jones  -L
NC-6: Howard Coble  -L
OH-18: Robert Ney 
OK-3: Frank Lucas -I
PA-5: John Peterson  -L
PA-16: Joseph Pitts  -C, G
PA-19: Todd Platts  -L, G
SC-1: Henry Brown  -O, NUL
SC-2: Joe Wilson  -L, O
TN-1: William Jenkins 
TX-7: John Culberson  -L
TX-8: Kevin Brady  -L
TX-12: Kay Granger  -L
TX-19: Larry Combest  -L
VA-1: Jo Ann Davis 
VA-2: Ed Schrock  -G
VA-4: J. Randy Forbes 
VA-6: Robert Goodlatte 
WI-5: James Sensenbrenner  -I
WI-6: Thomas Petri 
Also: In Vermont, Democrats did not run anyone against Independent Bernie Sanders.

124 Women Ran for U.S. House as Nominees of the Major Parties
Adapted from information on the Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers).

107th Congress: 42 women 
Rep. Patsy Mink, included in total, died on Sept. 28, 2002.
Retirements: 2
Carrie Meek, Eva Clayton
Defeated: 3
Cynthia McKinney, Lynn Rivers, Karen Thurman
On the Ballot Nov. 5, 200278 (38 incumbents)
New Members: 2
Linda Sanchez, Denise Majette
108th Congress: 38 women
107th Congress: 18 women
Retirements: 1
Marge Roukema
Defeated: 1
Connie Morella
On the Ballot Nov. 5, 2002:  46 (17 incumbents)
New Members: 5
Marilyn Musgrave, Ginny Brown-Waite, Katherine Harris, Candice Miller, Marsha Blackburn
108th Congress: 21 women

Big Spenders
Source: Center for Responsive Politics
Based on FEC reports.
WV-2: Jim Humphreys (D)     $8,027,019 (95% own money)   lost to Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) inc. 60%-40%.
FL-7: Wayne Hogan (D)     $4,558,427 (96% own money)    lost to Rep. John Mica (R) inc. 60%-40%.
FL-24: Harry Jacobs (D)    $3,946,733 (81% own money)    lost to Tom Feeney (R) 62%-38%.
GA-11: Roger Kahn (D)   $3,707,085 (77% own money)    lost to Phil Gingrey (R) 52%-48%.
CT-5: Nancy Johnson (R) inc.  $3,683,586   defeated Rep. Jim Maloney (D) 54%-43%.

Many Third Party Candidates on the Ballot for U.S. House on Nov. 5
Source: Party Web Sites

Libertarians: "At least 219 in 39 states"
"...the first third party in more than 80 years to contest a majority of U.S. House seats for the second election cycle in a row."

Greens: 63 
In PA-3 Green congressional candidate AnnDrea Benson obtained 22% of the vote, a record for a Green congressional campaign.

Constitution Party: 15

Natural Law Party: 11

Reform Party: 4

54 New Representatives in the 108th

Democrats (21):
AL-7: Artur Davis
AZ-7: Raul Grijalva
CA-18: Dennis Cardoza
CA-39: Linda Sanchez
FL-17: Kendrick Meek
GA-3: Jim Marshall
GA-4: Denise Majette
GA-13: David Scott
HI-2: Ed Case
IL-5: Rahm Emanuel
LA-5: Rodney Alexander  + (Cooksey)
ME-2: Michael Michaud
MD-2: Dutch Ruppersberger  + (Ehrlich)
MD-8: Chris Van Hollen  + (Morella)
NC-1: Frank Ballance, Jr.
NC-13: Brad Miller
NY-1: Timothy H. Bishop  + (Grucci)
OH-17: Timothy J. Ryan
TN-4: Lincoln Davis + (Van Hilleary)
TN-5: Jim Cooper
TX-25: Chris Bell
Republicans (33):
AL-1: Jo Bonner
AL-3: Mike Rogers
AZ-1: Rick Renzi
AZ-2: Trent Franks
CA-21: Devin Nunes
CO-4: Marilyn Musgrave
CO-7: Bob Beauprez
FL-5: Ginny Brown-Waite
FL-13: Katherine Harris
FL-24: Tom Feeney
FL-25: Mario Diaz-Balart
GA-11: Phil Gingrey
GA-12: Max Burns
IN-2: Chris Chocola + (Roemer)
IA-5: Steve King
MI-10: Candice Miller + (Bonior)
MI-11: Thaddeus McCotter
MN-2: John Kline + (Luther)
NV-3: Jon Porter
NH-1: Jeb Bradley
NJ-5: Scott Garrett
NM-2: Steve Pearce
OH-3: Mike Turner + (Hall)
OK-4: Tom Cole
PA-6: Jim Gerlach
PA-18: Tim Murphy + (Mascara)
SC-3: J. Gresham Barrett
SD-AL: Bill Janklow
TN-7: Marsha Blackburn
TX-5: Jeb Hensarling
TX-26: Michael Burgess
TX-31: John Carter
UT-1: Rob Bishop

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