2002 Mid-term Elections
Magazine Covers

A look at the covers of news and opinion magazines following the November 5 mid-term elections shows how the results were seen as a victory for Bush.
Magazine (Cover Date) Image Text
Time (Nov. 18):  B&W photo of Bush and Rove. How They Aced Their Midterms (and now for the big tests)
Newsweek (Nov. 18) Color photo of Bush in a brown jacket giving thumbs up [Small note at bottom of page: "President Bush on Election Day in Crawford"]. Top Gun
The Economist (Nov. 9-15) Color photo of Bush in a brown jacket giving thumbs up (somewhat wider shot and different angle than Newsweek cover image). By George!
World  (Nov. 16) Color headshot of Bush. The Bush Mandate
CQ Weekly (Dec. 9) Photo illustration (cut out)--wide shot of Lott, Bush and Hastert walking. Mandate to Govern
The New Republic (Nov. 18) Illustration by Jerzy Kolacz of an elephant's foot pressing down on a person's head. Recriminations
The Weekly Standard (Nov. 18) Illustration by C.F. Payne of a smiling Bush playing poker with a Democratic donkey. Bush's Winning Hand
The Nation (Nov. 25) Color photo of a herd of elephants. Rampaging Republicans
National Review (Dec. 9) Color headshot of Bush. The Conquerer


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