Pennsylvania Republicans Offer "Kerry's Campaign Mascot"
Photo courtesy the Pennsylvania Republican Party.
Harrisburg, PA.  April 29, 2004--The Pennsylvania Republican Party helpfully arranged for "Kerry's campaign mascot" to be on hand during his visit to the Pennsylvania state capital. 

Republican State Committee Chairman Alan Novak stated in a press release, "It's only appropriate that Kerry's campaign mascot 'Flipper' join him as he travels to Harrisburg. Pennsylvania voters are beginning to search for the 'Real John Kerry'.  Only, John Kerry has made it hard for them to find him."  Novak further stated, "John Kerry continues to flip-flop his way through this campaign...  When Kerry says something one day, you just don't know if he'll say the same thing the next day.  He's flip-flopped on the war in Iraq, tax relief and defending the homeland- what's next?" 

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