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To:      Interested Parties

From:  Bush-Cheney '04 Communications

Date:   8/24/04

Re:      The Week in Preview - President Bush takes his "Moving America Forward: America's Heart and Soul" Tour to the Heart of New York City!


President Bush will take his "Moving America Forward: America's Heart and Soul" tour through America's heartland when he travels to eight states on the way to the heart of New York City next week.  President Bush will accept his party's nomination for President at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, September 2nd.


The President will be joined on the campaign trail by several primetime speakers from the Republican National Convention.  Rudy Giuliani, Zell Miller, Mitt Romney and John McCain will campaign with President Bush in key battleground states as the excitement and momentum grow heading into New York. President Bush will showcase the policies that are moving America forward and tie his events around the country to the important speeches and issues being discussed in the convention hall in New York--his vision for fulfilling America's promise by building a safer world and a more hopeful America.


President Bush kicks off his pre-convention tour with three stops in New Mexico on Thursday, August 26th.  Rudy Giuliani, who speaks in primetime on Monday, joins the President for rallies in Las Cruces, Farmington and Albuquerque.


On Friday, August 27th, President Bush travels to Miami, Florida to rally voters in an area that is home to 17 percent of the state's voters.  The campaign is looking to expand its 2000 margin of victory in Florida. The President will be joined by Sen. Zell Miller, this year's keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.  Miller delivered the keynote address at the 1992 Democrat National Convention.  He describes President Bush as the "right man" to lead our nation in these historic times.  Sen. Miller's support is important to the President, and important to all Americans who see Miller's dissatisfaction with the party he's belonged to his who


The President makes three stops in Ohio on Saturday August 28th, during an all-day bus tour with rallies in Troy and Maumee/Ft. Meigs and an "Ask President Bush" event in Lima.  On Sunday, August 29th, the President will travel to Wheeling, West Virginia for a rally.  Look for more information later this week about special guests joining President Bush during his weekend stops.


On Monday, August 30th, the President will travel to Nashua, New Hampshire and Detroit, Michigan, where he will pay tribute to the courage of a nation that has seen unprecedented challenges over the last three and half years.  President Bush will be joined by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in Nashua.


Tuesday, August 31st finds the President in Nashville, Tennessee and Alleman, Iowa, where he'll be joined by Arizona Senator John McCain, fresh off his address to the convention the night before.  In Nashville, President Bush will address a gathering of the American Legion and in Alleman he'll be speaking at the 51st annual Farm Progress Show. 


On Wednesday, September 1st, President Bush will arrive in the Big Apple - the day he secures the official nomination - after rallying supporters in Columbus, Ohio.  The President's remarks will touch on the pro-growth, pro-American worker and pro-American entrepreneur agenda that is leading to an unprecedented era of opportunity in America. 


The President will be in New York on Thursday where he will address delegates at the Republican National Convention. Details regarding his schedule in New York will be released in the coming days.  The President will lay out his vision for the next four years, a vision that will help build a safer world and a more hopeful America.  President Bush will highlight his record of historic accomplishments during a time of unprecedented change and will present a second term agenda which will spread opportunity and prosperity to all corners of the country.


Vice President Watch:  The Vice President will arrive in New York on Sunday, August 29th and participate in a welcome rally on Ellis Island.  Today, Vice President Cheney will visit Davenport, Iowa and Waterford, Michigan for a town hall meeting and a rally.  On Wednesday, August 24th the Vice President will be joined by Mrs. Cheney on a Pennsylvania bus tour, with a town hall meeting in Wilkes-Barre and rallies in Pottsville and Bloomsburg. 

The First Lady: Looking ahead, Laura Bush will be with the President on Friday, August 27th, Monday, August 30th, Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd.