Al Sharpton-Campaign Finances
Rev. Al Sharpton Presidential Exploratory Committee
Rev. Al Sharpton Presidential Exploratory Committee Finances
FEC Filings
Total Receipts
Total Disbursements
Cash On Hand
(at end of reporting period)
Debts and Obligations
Total Cycle to Date
2nd Q 2003 (April 1-June 30)
1st Q 2003 (Jan. 1-March 31)
Year End 2002
April 30, 2004 press release.

2nd Q 2003:  Speaking to reporters after the Human Rights Campaign's presidential forum on July 15, Sharpton stated, "What we wanted to do was really build and revive a network for people-raising.  I said that all along.  So I think we're going to have our first large fundraiser at the end of this month.  But we didn't have a fundraiser the last quarter.  Whatever we raised people you know wrote and gave to us; there was no concerted effort on my part."

1st Q 2003:  Sharpton initially declined to file on April 15, 2003, but then relented an filed the required reports on April 29.
Postscript: April 19, 2009 press release from National Legal and Policy Center.


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