Al Sharpton-Campaign Organization, Missouri
After pursuing an exploratory effort throughout 2002, Rev. Al Sharpton filed papers establishing a presidential exploratory committee with the FEC on January 21, 2003.  On September 30, 2003 Sharpton named Charles Halloran to serve as his campaign manager, replacing Frank Watkins, who started as campaign manager of Sharpton Explore 2004 in mid-April 2003. 
Sharpton Missouri Leadership
On Jan. 28, 2004 the campaign announced endorsements of 18 St. Louis area elected officials :

State Rep. and Committeewoman Yaphett El-Amin,
State Rep. Betty Thompson
Normandy township Committeewoman, Sandy Houston.

From the 1st Ward: Alderwoman Irene J. Smith, Committeeman Charles Q. Troupe.

From the 2nd Ward: Committeewoman Mattie Moore.

From the 3rd Ward: Alderman Freeman Bosley, Sr., Committeeman James K. Moore, Committeewoman Shantel Lane.

From the 4th Ward: Committeeman James Clayborne, Committeewoman Norma Leggett.

From the 18th Ward: Committeeman Jesse Todd, Committeewoman Ernestine Hill.

From the 19th Ward: Committeeman Ocie Haynes Sr.

From the 22nd Ward: Alderman Jefferey Boyd.

From the 26th Ward: Alderman Frank Williamson, Committeeman Joseph Palm, and Committeewoman Patricia Moss.

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