Below are scripts of paid telephone calls with recorded messages by First Lady Laura Bush and George P. Bush used to remind Florida voters to vote during the two-week early voting period.  According to the Republican Party of Florida these calls went out starting October 18, 2004.

First Lady Laura Bush Early Vote Phone Call

Hello, this is Laura Bush. And I am calling to ask you to support President George W. Bush. President Bush has lead our country through the most historic struggles of our generation. Now he needs your support so he can lead us for four more years. This election will be close and President Bush needs your vote. It's important to vote early. You should have received instructions in the mail about how and where to vote early. Please take a moment to vote early either absentee or in person. Everything you do will be a huge help for the President's campaign. Thank you. This call was paid for by Bush-Cheney '04, Incorporated.

George P. Bush Early Vote Phone Call

Hello, this is George P. Bush and I have a simple, but critical request. I am asking you to vote early. Early voting is new to Florida, but that doesn't make it any less important. The Democrats are counting on you to stay home. They want to sneak into Election Day with an advantage we can't overcome. So make no mistake, it could come down to your vote. Please don't want until the last second, vote between now and Monday. Vote early and vote Republican. This is George P. Bush. Early voting is easy and more important than ever, so call 866-355-VOTE, toll free or log on to We're banking on your vote and we're asking you to make it count today. Many thanks. Paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.