KENTUCKY 8 Electoral Votes

Kentucky was a non-targeted state, which meant that resources generally had to be generated from within.  For Democrats this was their first election in more than 30 years without the governorship.  Constitutional Amendment No. 1, "to provide that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be a marriage in Kentucky," undoubtedly influenced who turned out and thereby affected other races at the margins.  Many Kentuckians were exposed to TV advertising from neighboring battleground states of Ohio, Missouri and West Virginia which also may have had a marginal effect.
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Organization details...  details...
BC'04 State Chair

Kentucky Republican Party
State Chair: John McCarthy

KE State Director: Travis Brock (Aug. 1, 2004 for six weeks)

Kentucky Democratic Party
State Chair: Bill Garmer
Exec. Director: Eddie Jacobs

June 28
-DC accompanied by LC speaks at a fundraiser for 4th District congressional candidate Geoff Davis at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel in Hebron, KY.  (Raises $160,000).

April 20
-LB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at the home of retired businessman Owsley Brown Frazier (former Vice Chairman of Brown-Forman Corporation) in Harrods Creek (suburban Louisville), KY.  (Raises $800,000). 
-LB delivers remarks on the Preserve America initiative and historic preservation at Louisville Water Tower in Louisville, KY. 

March 18
-GWB accompanied by LB makes remarks to military personnel, lunch with troops, meets with families of fallen soldiers at Fort Campbell, KY. 

March 12
-DC speaks at a reception for Sen. Jim Bunning at the Hilton Hotel in Florence, KY.  (Raises $300,000). 

September 16
-Arriving in Louisville, KY, JE rallies in an airport hanger; and
-addresses Kerry-Edwards Victory 2004 fundraiser at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.  (Raises $700,000). 

May 11  (visit prior to May 18 primary)
-In Louisville, KY, 
JK tours Portland Family Health Center; 
holds a conversation on affordable health care at Louisville Stoneware; and  
attends a fundraising luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. (Raises $750,000). 

Newspaper Endorsements
Louisville Courier-Journal  (10/24/04)
Lexington Herald-Leader  (10/17/04)

Third Party and Independent
Filing deadline for Independent and third party candidates Sept. 7, 2004.  Petitions with 5,000 valid signatures and pay a filing fee of $500.

More Candidate Visits
September 23, 2004
Campaign Speech at University of Kentucky (Student Center/Worsham Theatre) in Lexington.
Press Conference at the State Capitol-Rotunda in Frankfort.
Campaign Speech at the University of Louisville-Brown & Williamson Club in Louisville.

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