TENNESSEE 11 Electoral Votes

The principals made a scattering of visits, some for fundraising, but there was not a lot of activity.
Bush-Cheney '04 Kerry-Edwards 2004
Organization details...  details...
BC'04 General Chair: David Kustoff

Tennessee Republican Party
State Chair: State Rep. Beth Harwell
Deputy Chair: Bob Davis, Jr.

KE State Director: Stephen Lindsey

Tennessee Democratic Party
State Chair: Randy Button
Exec. Director: Jim Hester

August 31, 2004
-GWB remarks at the 86th annual American Legion National Convention at Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. 

July 15, 2004
-LB remarks at Alpha Kappa Alpha Convention at Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN. 

July 12, 2004
-GWB tours the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and makes remarks on the War on Terror in Oak Ridge, TN. 

May 27, 2004
-GWB tours new children's hospital and discusses health information technology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. 
-GWB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception at the home of Clay Jackson (an executive at BB&T Cooper, Love & Jackson insurance) in Nashville, TN.  (Raises $1.7 million)

April 23, 2004
-LB participates in a roundtable discussion with teachers and administrators on education initiatives at the Snowden School in Memphis, TN. 
-LB attends RNC Victory 2004 reception hosted by Dina and Brad Martin at the office of Brad Martin (CEO of Saks Inc.) in Memphis, TN.  (Raises $350,000)

April 19, 2004
-DC and LC participate in a reception for Victory 2004 at the Chattanoogan Hotel in Chattanooga, TN.  (raises $450,000) 

September 26, 2004
-EE fundraiser at the governor's mansion in Nashville, TN.  ($) 

September 1, 2004
-JK addresses the 86th Annual National American Legion Convention at the Gaylord Opry Land Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN. 
Early evening departure via air from Nashville, TN. 

August 4, 2004
-JE tours the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. 
-JE, joined by his wife Elizabeth and Congressman Harold Ford Jr., attends a rally on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. 

Newspaper Endorsements
The Knoxville News-Sentinel  (10/24/04) 
The Kingsport Times-News  (10/24/04) 
The Chattanooga Free Press  (10/24/04) 
Johnson City Press 
The Leaf-Chronicle [Clarksville]
The Tennessean  (10/24/04) 
*The Commercial Appeal [Memphis] (10/24/04) 
The Chattanooga Times  (10/24/04) 
Nashville Scene (10/21/04)  ...weekly 
Jackson Sun  (10/17/04)

Third Party and Independent

Nader - Andy Hamm of Memphis
Badnarik - Trevor Southerland of Chattanooga

More Visits
June 17-18, 2004
June 17 (eve)
-Meets with volunteers at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.
-Fundraiser at a private home in Memphis, TN.
June 18
-Media availability at Hampton Inn Conference Room.

September 21, 2004
-Sponsored by UTC Campus Libertarians, speaks at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

July 1, 2004
-Speaks about his candidacy and answers questions from the general public and the media at Mandarin House in North Knoxville, TN.
-Citizens for Smaller Government rally with other candidates at Sullivan County Courthouse in Blountville followed by a fundraising appearance at the House of Ribs in Johnson City (Tri-Cities), TN.
Overnighted at the Meadowview Hotel.
July 2, 2004 - Interview at Charter Media studios then on to North Carolina.

October 15, 2004
-Participates in presidential candidates debate in the D.P. Culp Auditorium at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN.
August 18-19, 2004
-Press conference before turning in the campaign's petitions, at the Tennessee State Legislative Plaza in Nashville, TN.
-House party and fundraiser at Matt Foster's in Knoxville, TN.
September 26, 2004
-As part of her "Left Out" tour LaMarche gives a speech and overnights at the YWCA shelter in Knoxville, TN.

September 18, 2004
-Speaks at the Tennesse State Convention at Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN.

October 15, 2004
The presidential candidates debate in the D.P. Culp Auditorium at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City drew presidential candidates David Cobb (Green), Walt Brown (SPUSA) and Charles Jay (Personal Choice) and representatives for three other candidates--Gary Nolan for Michael Badnarik (Libertarian), Dierdre Griswold for John Parker (WWP) and Jerry White for Bill Van Auken (SEP).

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