VIRGINIA 13 Electoral Votes
Although a Democrat has not carried Virginia since LBJ did in 1968, Kerry made a play here.  The election of Democratic Governor Mark Warner in 2001 gave Democrats some grounds for optimism (see also article below).  In June and July the campaign ran a significant TV advertising, about $2.5 million according to news accounts.  By early September the Democratic campaign had 32 paid staffers in the state.  However, in early October reality struck and the campaign announced it was sending 20 of its
staffers, including the state director and communications director, to other states.

Meanwhile, Republicans managed with a very lean operation consisting of fewer than a dozen Victory 2004 staffers and no Bush staff.  They received no help from the national party or Bush campaign and relied on money raised in Virginia.

When all the votes were counted, the Bush-Cheney ticket improved slightly on its 2000 margin.  Kerry-Edwards did manage to carry the largest county, Fairfax, in Northern Virginia, by more than 30,000 votes (245,671 votes to 211,980 votes out of 461,379 total or 53.25% to 45.94%.  By comparison, in 2000 Bush had narrowly won Fairfax County by 202,181 votes to 196,501 for Gore and 12,201 for Nader out of 413,775 total or 48.86% to 47.49% and 2.95%).

Benjamin Wallace-Wells.  "Rebels in Izods: why Virginia is tilting toward Kerry."  Washington Monthly, Sept. 2004.

Nov. 2 Statements: Republican Party of Virginia | Democratic Party of Virginia
Bush-Cheney '04 Kerry-Edwards 2004
Organization details...  details...
BC'04 State Chair: Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore

Victory 2004
Exec. Director: Ken Hutcheson
Office: 7870 Villa Park Drive, Ste. 800 (Villa Park III), Richmond

Republican Party of Virginia
State Chair: Kate Obenshain Griffin
Exec. Director: Shane Ostrowski
Office: 115 East Grace Street, Richmond

KE State Director: Susan Swecker
Comm. Director: Jonathan Beeton
Office: 2112 W. Laburnum Ave., Suite 204, Richmond

Coordinated Campaign Director: Eric Payne

Democratic Party of Virginia
State Chair: Kerry J. Donley
Exec. Director: Lindsey Reynolds
Office: Capitol Place, 1108 East Main Street, 2nd Floor, Richmond  

Eight Months (March 2-Nov. 2, 2004) Eight Months (March 2-Nov. 2, 2004)
September 17, 2004
-LC hosts a Constitution Day event, "Telling America’s Story," with students from Fairfax County Public Schools at Gunston Hall Plantation in Mason Neck, VA.

August 9, 2004
-GWB participates in an "Ask President Bush" at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. 

July 31, 2004
-LB speaks at the christening of the U.S.S. Texas at Northrop Grumman Newport News in Newport News, VA.

April 19, 2004
-DC remarks at a luncheon for congressional candidate Kevin Triplett at Wyndham Roanoke Airport Hotel in Roanoke, VA.  ($)

April 19, 2004
-LB Victory 2004 fundraiser in McLean, VA.  ($)

March 11, 2004
-LC tours Montpelier and speaks to elementary school students in Montpelier's education center in Orange County, VA.
-LC Bush-Cheney '04 fundraiser in Charlottesville, VA.  ($)

September 8, 2004
-EE hosts a health care discussion at South County Health Center in Alexandria, VA.
-EE holds a town hall on health care at VCU Medical Center's Baruch Auditorium in Richmond, VA.

August 21, 2004
-JE holds a town hall at Lucy Addison Aerospace Magnet School in Roanoke, VA.

July 27, 2004
-JK rally at Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, VA.

July 16, 2004
-JK attends a Kerry-Edwards Victory 2004 reception at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA.  ($)

June 18, 2004
-JK discusses plan to increase the minimum wage at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, VA.

June 11, 2004
-THK addresses the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's (ADC) 21st National Convention in Alexandria, VA.

May 31, 2004
-JK joins veterans, Gov. Mark Warner and Congressman Bobby Scott at the Annual Portsmouth Memorial Day and Remembrance Parade in Portsmouth, VA.

Newspaper Endorsements
Richmond Times-Dispatch  (10/17/04)
The Free Lance-Star [Fredericksburg]  (10/17/04) >
and according to Editor and Publisher:
Bristol Herald-Courier
News Advance [Lynchburg]
Daily New-Record [Harrisonburg]
Danville Register & Bee
The Daily News Leader [Stauton]
Potomac News [Woodbridge]
Daily Press [Hampton Roads]  (10/24/04)
The Virginian Pilot [Hampton Roads]  (10/21/04) >
Roanoke Times (10/17/04) 

Third Party and Independent
Nader Ballot Access
Virginia had a deadline of noon on August 20, 2004 for submission of 10,000 valid signatures, including at least 400 from each congressional district.  The campaign delivered the petitions to the Board of Elections shortly before noon on August 20.  By all accounts it was a rather chaotic scene (Jean Jensen Sept. 8, 2004 e-mail).  Nader supporters report that, "Democratic observers interrupted the proceedings no less than three times without being asked to leave by board officials." (Aug. 27 press release)  The upshot was that the Board rejected the petitions on the grounds that they were not grouped by congressional district.  However, on August 23 the Attorney General's office found that the rule about grouping petitions, while posted on the Board's web site, was not enforceable because the Board had never voted on it.  The Board accepted the petitions, but, after verification from registrars, found only 7,342 were valid.  In an unfortunate postscript, on June 28, 2005 Nader's Virginia coordinator Jim Polk pleaded guilty to one count of felony election fraud for verifying petitions he had not circulated personally.

State Coordinators
Nader: Jim Polk
Badnarik: Jeff and Liz Bowles

Candidate Visits
Peroutka (Const.)
October 30, 2004
-Speech at Christ College, Bahnsen Hall in Lynchburg, VA.
August 2, 2004
-Addresses Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy in Luray, VA.

Badnarik/Campagna (Lib.)
Richard Campagna
October 7, 2004
-Informal meet and greet at the Sven Shine Inn in Richmond; speaks at the LGBT Political Discussion forum at VCU Student Commons in Richmond, VA.
Michael Badnarik
September 14-17, 2004
Sept. 14 - Speech at the University of Virginia, Maury Hall in Charlottesville, VA.
Sept. 15 - LPVA fundraising banquet at Maggiano's restaurant in Richmond, VA.
Sept. 16 - Speech at Lynchburg College; meet the candidate event at Corned Beef & Co. in Roanoke; speech at Virginia Tech, Haymarket Theater in Blacksburg, VA.
Sept. 17 - Botetourt Kiwanis meeting.

Nader (w/in)
June 10, 2004
-Speech, Q&A and meet & greet at 1st National Convention for American-Arab Anti-Discrimination at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA.
May 19, 2004
-Media availability and meeting with students and volunteers at George Mason University, Johnson Center-Dewbury Hall in Fairfax, VA.

Cobb (w/in)
October 14, 2004
Lunch and phone interview at Wild Flour Restaurant in Hollings (outside Roanoke), VA.  Speaks at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

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