WYOMING 3 Electoral Votes
Vice President Cheney's home state delivered the second biggest margin for the Bush-Cheney ticket (39.79 percentage points) after Utah (45.54 percentage points).

In an interesting footnote, although Cheney has a home in Teton County (Jackson) on the Western edge of the state, Kerry carried the county by 5,971 votes to 5,124 votes (52.57% to 45.11%).  Wyoming Democratic Party executive director Kyle DeBeer explains: "Teton County is easily the most progressive area in the state.  While Republicans still outnumber Democrats in the county, there has been an increase in the number of both Democrats and Independents coupled with a recent trend toward crossover voting among some Republicans."
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Wyoming Republican Party
Chairman: Jim Willox.  Associate broker at ComSee Horizon Realty in Douglas.
Exec. Director: Mary Shea.  Graduate of the University of Wyoming, 1983.

Vice President Cheney's home is in Jackson.  In addition to downtime spent there noteworthy visits to the state included:

July 17, 2004 The Cheneys attended their 45th high school reunion in Casper.

October 1-4, 2004 Debate prep. at his home (Congressman Rob Portman stood in for Edwards).

November 1, 2004 Closing rally at Jackson Hole Airport in the evening.
November 2, 2004 Cheneys vote at New Wilson Fire House in Wilson.

Wyoming Democratic Party
Chairman: Mike Gierau-since April 2003.  Owns and operates Jedidiah's House of Sourdough in Jackson. Has served on the Jackson Town Council and then the Teton County Commission. 
Exec. Director: Kyle DeBeer-since June 2003.  Fifth generation Wyomingite; grew up in Casper and graduate of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO.
DeBeer was the state party's only full-time staff member and effectively served as the coordinated campaign director, political director, communications director, etc. 

-On July 11, 2004 Kerry economic advisors held a campaign fundraiser at the Four Seasons Resort in Teton. 

-Also, according to Kyle DeBeer: "Local activists sponsored several Kerry-Edwards outreach events, including events specifically targeted at working women.  Several counties set up phone banks for volunteers to call into targeted states on behalf of the KE04 campaign."

Newspaper Endorsements
Wyoming Tribune-Eagle (10/18/04)

Third Party and Independent
Ballot Access
To qualify for the ballot as an independent, a candidate needed to submit 3,643 valid signatures (2 percent of the number who voted in the Nov. 2002 U.S. House race) by 3 p.m. on August 23, 2004.  The Nader and Peroutka campaigns met that requirement.

Candidate Visits
Ralph Nader visited Wyoming on September 6, 2004.  He held a press conference, made a campaign speech and did a fundraising pitch and book signing at the Ramada Inn in Laramie, WY.

State Coordinator
Nader: Clint Coppernoll

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