Media Coverage
Gov. Howard Dean's Formal Announcement Speech, June 23, 2002

The campaign gave out 125 media credentials; over 60 news organizations were in attendance.

Networks' Nightly Newscasts (June 23, 2003)
ABC produced far and away the best coverage of the speech, an intricate piece about 2 min 18 sec. long which provided some context to the speech, highlighting Dean's young supporters and use of the Internet, but also relating the qualms some Democrats have about his candidacy.  CBS provided about 40 sec. of coverage and NBC even less.

The Morning Papers (June 24, 2003)
The articles described Dean's speech as an attempt to recast, retool, and broaden his appeal.  In general this seemed to be a page A3 or A4 story.  In terms of photo coverage, one image which appeared several times, including in both the New York Times and Washington Post showed Dean speaking at full force from the podium, both arms stretched forward and pointing ahead (there were AP and Reuters versions that appeared to have been taken at almost the same instant).
Wire Services
The Associated Press June 23, 2003 Ron Fournier (National) "Dean tells crowd "you've got the power" to take back Washington"
870 words
Lisa Rathke (Montpelier) "Thousands hear Dean launch presidential bid"
550 words
Knight-Ridder June 23, 2003 Matt Stearns 840 words
The Morning Papers  --  June 24, 2003
Washington Post page A1 below the fold Michael Powell, Washington Post

photo: Jim Bourg--Reuters

Headline: "Ex-Vermont Governor Comes Out Swinging"
1,050 words.
Medium wide shot of Dean, wife and daughter on the platform, signs in the foreground. (2-col. color photo)
jump-page A4
photo: Jim Bourg--Reuters
"Dean Makes Bid For President Official"
Dean at podium, both arms stretched forward and pointing ahead; cropped so that only the "Howard" from the sign on the podium is visible. (square 2-col. photo)
"The Reliable Source" in the Style section photos: Courtesy C-SPAN "Dean Campaign Coverup"  First image shows big "Nader 7% in Vermont" sign in background over Dean's right shoulder.  Second image shows Dean signs in front of the offending sign.
New York Times page A22 Adam Nagourney, Times

photo: Reuters

Headline: "After a Year Campaigning, Dean Officially Enters Race" (2 lines, 2. col.)   "Ex-Governor Retools Issues, Avoiding Iraq"
1,096 words--5 columns including photo.
Dean at podium, both arms stretched forward and pointing ahead; cropped so that only the "Howard" from the sign on the podium is visible. (square 3-col. photo)
USA Today page 11A Jill Lawrence, USA Today
photo: AP
Headline: "Dean kicks off with shots at Bush"
Dean, wife and daughter on the platform. (2-col. photo) 
Boston Globe page A3 Sarah Schweitzer, Globe

photo: Reuters

Headline: "Dean makes bid official, keeps up attacks on Bush policies" (1 line, 5. col.)
834 words--5 columns including photo.
Medium wide shot of Dean shaking hands with people in the crowd after the speech.  (3-col. photo)
Los Angeles Times page A12 Mark Z. Barabak

photo: Associated Press

Headline: "Dean's in the Race Officially"  (3 lines, 1 col.) 
"The former Vermont assailing Bush"
688 words--1 col. of text with photo at bottom.
Dean at podium, both arms stretched forward and pointing ahead; cropped so the "Howard Dean" sign on the podium visible as well as what looks like the top of someone's camera (square 1-col. photo)  -v. similar to the Reuters photo in NYT.
Chicago Tribune page 7 Jeff Zeleny

photo: Associated Press

Headline: "Ex-Gov. Dean joins White House Race" (2 lines, 3 col.)  "Vermont Democrat backs gay couples and gun owners" 3 columns of text, photo, and biography box.
Dean at podium, both arms stretched forward and pointing ahead; cropped so the "Howard Dean" sign on the podium visible. -same as LAT.
Baltimore Sun page 1A
page 3A
Paul West

photo: Associated Press

On the front page, one sentence in "Inside."
Headline: "Vt's Dean declares candidacy for president" (1 line, 5 col)  "Anti-war Democrat tries to broaden appeal beyond left-wing image"
1,101 words--5 columns including photo.
Medium/medium wide of Dean at the podium pointing to someone in audience; includes part of the sign on podium.
Note: Word counts are from Lexis-Nexis.

June 23 Nightly Newscasts

ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
A piece 2 min. 18 sec. long ran toward the end of the broadcast, following the second ad break.  In addition, the teasers before the first and second ad breaks had video clips of Dean.  The broadcast began with headlines, the Supreme Court's affirmative action decision and its implications, the death of Maynard Jackson, another Supreme Court decision, Iraq stories, a ship with explosives, teasers; ad break; Arizona fires, bees, teasers; ad break, Bush fundraising, the Dean announcement.
5 sec.
MCU of Dean shaking hands. Tom Brokaw voiceover: "...And tonight the new Democratic candidate for president, or the latest to announce.  He's got some of the other Democrats worried..."
teaser Dean. Tom Brokaw voiceover: "...When we come back, another Democratic candidate for president.  This one makes his own party nervous..."
16 sec. Tom Brokaw to camera; graphic: head shot of Dean. Tom Brokaw: "Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean formally announced today that he is seeking his party's nomination for president.  No surprise; he actually began campaigning months ago.  Dean was a virtual unknown from a very small state.  And in his party at least he is shaking things up.  Here's ABC's Dan Harris."
20 sec. Montage. Dan Harris voiceover: "The young people in this borrowed minivan, dubbed the Dean Machine, epitomize what has made Howard Dean a potent early force in a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates.  They met on the Internet and drove 300 miles from New Jersey to see the campaign's official kickoff."
5 sec. Medium wide shot of Dean during speech. Dean: "Today I announce that I am running for the presidency of the United States of America." [cheers].
4 sec. Group of young people. Young Person 1: "He is the only candidate who is making you proud to be a Democrat." Young Person 2: "And proud to be an American."  Young Person 1: "And proud to be an American."
16 sec. Montage. Dan Harris voiceover: "In part through savvy use of the Internet this unknown, underfunded doctor and former Governor of Vermont has tapped into a rich vein of liberal rage.  He has aggressivelly attacked President Bush's tax cuts and the war in Iraq."
9 sec. Medium shot of Dean during speech. Dean: "Our foreign and military policies must be about America leading the world, not America against the world."
5 sec. Dan Harris voiceover:  "Dean's supporters say he is the only Democrat standing up to a popular war-time President."
12 sec.  the two clips Woman to camera. Woman (Amanda Dorason):  "I want somebody who's different from Bush.  This is why I'm not a Republican.  And I think Howard Dean provides that."
Woman to camera. Woman (Molly Lambert):  "He says it like it is.  He's so blunt; he's so candid, which is so refreshing."
4 sec. Dan Harris: "But can he win the White House?  These supporters profess not to care."
6 sec. Man to camera. Man (Andrew Schwab):  "If we're going to get trounced, if it's going to be 1984 or it's going to be '72 again, why not go down with somebody that you're in love with?"
12 sec. Dan Harris to camera. Dan Harris:  "Some moderate, middle of the road Democrats argue that Howard Dean is bad for the party.  They fear that Dean, by firing up the liberal base, will force the other Democratic presidential candidates to move to the left."
5 sec. Reed in office. Bruce Reed, Democratic Leadership Council:  "We won't be able to beat George Bush in 2004 unless we broaden the Democrats' appeal."
16 sec. Montage. Dan Harris voiceover:  "Dean is now coming on strong in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Some in the party establishment worry that if Dean wins these key early states, he and those in the Dean Machine will have fatally weakened the party.  Dan Harris, ABC News, Burlington, Vermont."
Tom Brokaw to camera. Tom Brokaw:  "The latest announcement."

CBS Evening News
A piece about 40 sec. long ran about 15 min 42 sec into the broadcast.
7 sec. Dan Rather to camera; graphics head shot of Dean and Campaign '04 logo. Dan Rather:  "In the presidential campaign, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean made it official today; he is running for the Democratic nomination."
6 sec. Medium close up shot of Dean delivering speech.  Wide shot of signs. Dan Rather voiceover: "Speaking on home ground in Vermont, Dean began by defining what he sees as his major differences with Bush."
13 sec. Dean delivering speech. Dean:  "Our president and too many in Washington are giving away our future so that we pass to our children not the flickering flame of freedom, but a trail of insurmountable debt.  We can do better than this."
12 sec. Dan Rather:  "Dean has also sought to define how he differs from the eight other Democrats seeking the nomination.  He claims he represents quote the Democratic wing of the Democratic party."

Vermont Public Radio
VPR's John Dillon described the coverage in an e-mail: "We had two reporters there, myself and Bob Kinsel.  We carried the speech live, as well as the introduction by Gray Brooks, the SC student who heard Dean and was inspired to work for him. We rebroadcast the speech at 6pm Monday.  The text and audio are also on our web site.

"In terms of stories, Bob did the main piece for that evening.  I did a story on Dean's young zealots and also filed a newscast spot for NPR.  I expanded my VPR piece for Tuesday morning to include interviews with people who worked with Dean in his first foray into politics 20 years ago (to get a bike path built in Burlington.)"

Seven Days (Vermont's Alternative Weekly)
Peter Freyne devoted much of his "Inside Track" column to "three uninvited local wing-nuts" who showed up to protest at Dean's speech, particularly focusing on one with the giant Nader sign.
James Pindell penned about 500 words on "NH Dean supporters go to Vermont for a change."

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