America Coming Together (Milwaukee Office)    Madison office

Tama Pogue, the Wisconsin Director for America Coming Together (ACT), earlier served as Field Director on the Dean campaign (she started working on the Dean campaign in February 2003 doing Special Operations, moved to a field role, and officially gained the title of Field Director on November 13).  Previously she was the campaign manager for John Baldacci's successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Maine.  (Below) Another ACT worker in the Milwaukee office at 207 E. Buffalo Street. 

ACT had its first people on the ground in Wisconsin in mid-May.  The aim was to "identify voters that don't vote regularly and get them engaged" and ultimately to elect progressive candidates up and down the ticket.  ACT launched its canvass on June 1 and by the end of the month had knocked on 50,000 doors.  Canvassers went out from 3 to 8 p.m. seeking to identify people's issue priorities, and providing literature [canvass script].  The  information canvassers brought back was used to developed a database of voters.  Later, starting in August, ACT planned to begin an education and persuasion phase.

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