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.....The permanent campaign: 2008 activity

.....Many new books are coming out for the beginning of the school year.  See The Book Page.

.....The 55th Presidential Inauguration took place on January 20, 2005.

.....During the transition period, President Bush shook up his Cabinet and emphasized major priorities for his second term, including Social Security reform. 

....After three years or so of campaigning and $1.2 billion (>) spent,  voters finally had their say.  More than 114 million Americans cast ballots, including record numbers who voted early or absentee, and there were long lines on Election Day.  The vote in about 10 battleground states was critical.  In the end it came down to Ohio.  On Nov. 3 Senator Kerry conceded; shortly thereafter President Bush declared victory.  Bush achieved a plurality of 3.5 million votes, and Republicans picked up a few seats in both chambers of Congress.

....Unprecedented voter registration efforts by partisan and non-aligned groups reached into almost every conceivable constituency.  Would the new registrants turn out?

....Large audiences watched the three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate and there were spirited exchanges between the candidates. 

....A lot of TV ads (but do they really work?).

....The Republican National Convention took place in New York City from Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2004.

....The Democratic National Convention took place in Boston from July 26-29, 2004.

....First-in-the-Nation, First in Time and Resources -- Iowa: time on the ground and organization. New Hampshire: time on the ground and organization. Super Tuesday March 2 contests in 10 states with 1,151 delegates at stake made Sen. John Kerry the presumptive Democratic nominee (the thinned field).

...Election reform, the epilogue to the 2000 presidential election.  update.

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The journey to the White House is a lengthy and costly one.  Soon after one presidential election concludes, potential candidates start assessing the political landscape and testing the waters.  There are early trips to Iowa and New Hampshire and trips to raise money for other candidates or state parties.  If a hopeful decides to proceed, he or she must build a campaign organization and raise millions of dollars.  Some candidates do not survive this "money primary."  The first contests in Iowa and New Hampshire will winnow the field further.  The path then continues through a gamut of primaries, national conventions, high-stakes debates, and the final push to Election Day.  In addition to the candidates and their campaigns (and consultants), the political parties, interest groups, the media, and the electorate all interact to produce a campaign.  Ultimately, the quality of the campaign depends on informed citizens such as yourself making sure that your concerns are addressed.

Mission Statement: The purpose of this site is to provide a framework for you, the interested citizen, to intelligently follow the 2004 presidential campaign through original content and links to the best available sources of information.

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