Campaigns Building Organizations in New Hampshire
Six Campaigns Have Offices in the State and are Set to Expand During the Summer Months
June 7, 2003 -- Most of the major presidential campaigns started up their New Hampshire operations in January 2003, typically with one or two people working out of borrowed space or out of their apartments or kitchens.  By early June, six campaigns had opened headquarters in Manchester.  These offices were works in progress; phone and computer systems were still being installed or perfected, and furniture being sought from people's basements.  The campaigns were poised for significant growth during the summer months as additional field staff and interns started.  In interviews on May 22-23, Democracy in Action asked the state directors what they've accomplished, what challenges they face, how they chose their headquarters, and how they came to sign on to their respective campaigns.                                       updates>>
"...early on most of the resources and the staff were absorbed in building his schedule and building crowds for events.  And so we have successfully done that and accomplished most of our goals for those visits, which include getting him in front of as many key activists as possible and generating good media." More>>

-Karen Hicks
State Director
Dean for America

"...I think that we have done what I think you have to do in New Hampshire in terms of getting a campaign up and running, which is we went out and hired some really good people." More>>

-Caroline McCarley
State Director
Edwards for President

"We have a lot of strength.  There's a lot of prominent folks, and we've got a mixture of folks throughout the state.  It's not concentrated in one certain area.  Like any campaigns that start, we're putting together the organization and an infrastructure even in the office here.  Hiring staff.  Getting the office up and running.  Computers.  Networking..." More>>

-Erik Greathouse
State Director
Gephardt for President

"I started in March and what we've accomplished is we've put together a few trips, we've lined up some key endorsements, we are beginning to lay out our staffing plan, we just got an office--so we've laid a lot of the early groundwork that's critical to make this happen."  More>>

-Steve Bouchard
State Director
Bob Graham for President

"I think we've had a series of very positive trips that the Senator's made to the state--met a lot of activists.  I think we've got generally good press coverage of his trips.  I think we've also been able to hire a very talented, motivated staff, open an office, and I think reach out to New Hampshire activists in a very grassroots way."  More>>

-Ken Robinson
State Director
John Kerry for President

"We have put together what I think is a very, very talented and impressive group of key activists and supporters around the state."  More>>

-Peter Greenberger
State Director
Joe Lieberman for President

Photo not available.  Elkins moved to New Hampshire in the second week of May and was staying with supporters.  He had begun scouting out possible headquarters locations.
"Name recognition and electability are the number one hurdles we face in NH.  [O]nce people realize who Dennis Kucinich is people inevitably support him...his message crosses the political spectrum...his message is about the rights all humans should have under a democracy!"

-Trevor Elkins
 New England Campaign Coordinator
Kucinich for President Committee

Draft Clark 2004 opens headquarters in Dover (July 2003).
Gephardt headquarters (June 24, 2003).
Graham headquarters (June 24, 2003).
Lieberman headquarters June 24, 2003.

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