Joe Lieberman-Campaign Organization, New Hampshire
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.
Senator Joe Lieberman announced his presidential campaign and filed papers with the FEC establishing his presidential campaign committee on January 13, 2003.  Craig T. Smith is national campaign director and senior advisor.

Joe Lieberman for President, Inc. New Hampshire Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 1195 Elm Street, Manchester

State Director Peter Greenberger
(started Jan. 15, 2003, named state director March 3, 2003)  Most recently, Greenberger served as senior advisor to the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  He was Al Gore's trip director for New Hampshire during the 2000 primary, and Gore's state director for Western Pennsylvania in the general election.  In 1998, Greenberger served as field director for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's re-election campaign.  He worked in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs from 1997-98.  During the 1996 general election campaign he served as the New Hampshire political director for Clinton/Gore, and during the NH primary campaign he did field.
Deputy State Director Emily R. Silver
(started February 15, 2003)  In 2002 Silver worked as NH finance director for Katrina Swett's congressional campaign and before that as deputy finance director on Steve Grossman's campaign for governor in Massachusetts.
Field Director Darden Copeland
(started May 15, 2003)  Earlier in 2003, Copeland managed two winning state senate special elections in TN and OK.  In 2002 he served as field director/deputy campaign manager on Dan Blue's unsuccessful primary campaign for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, and in the fall was the GOTV Director for the North Carolina Coordinated Campaign.  Field director on Tim Kaine's successful campaign for lieutenant governor in Virginia, 2001. Worked in Washington, DC for the polling firm of Greenberg Quinlan Research.  Worked for Gore 2000 under Donna Brazile in 1999 and 2000.  Other experience includes work for Gephardt's ECG PAC in 1998, and scheduling for Don Beyer's unsuccessful gubernatorial run in Virginia in 1997.  Copeland is a graduate of the University of Richmond.
Deputy Field Director Rep. Chris Pappas
(started May 1, 2003)  State representative from Manchester, elected in November 2002 at age 22.  Worked for the 2002 NH Coordinated Campaign as a Manchester regional field coordinator.


Regional Field Directors and Coordinators
Michael Rollo - (announced July 28, 2003) Executive director for the Manchester City Democrats, 2002-03.  Manchester coordinator for John Kacavas during the special election for Executive Council.  Started working in Manchester politics in 2001 as a field coordinator for the Manchester City Democrats.  Served three terms in the NH House of Representatives from Rollinsford (Strafford County).  NH native. 
Tom Petrillo - (started as Office Manager on May 19, 2003; announced as regional coordinator on Sept. 25, 2003) Started at the DNC in September 2000 as the research supervisor in the Compliance Division.  Elevated to director of operations for the COO's office in July 2002.
Tim Sullivan - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Previously worked on Mark Warner's gubernatorial race in Virginia.
Caitlin Daniuk - (one of 16 field staffers announced on Oct. 20, 2003) A native of Manchester, New Hampshire and current student at UNH-Manchester as well as the NH National Committeewoman for Young Democrats of America.
Tammy Palmer - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of Lawrence University in Wisconsin; worked on state senate and city council races in Oklahoma.

Concord -- 40 N. Main Street (Matt Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 4, 2003)

Eileen Donohue - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Graduate of the University of Michigan.
former: Adam Nicholson - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of the University of Tennessee.  Served as regional field coordinator for Bill Curry's gubernatorial campaign in Connecticut in 2002; also worked as a field coordinator on state senate races in Tennessee and Oklahoma. 

Nashua -- 291 Main Street (Rebecca Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 2, 2003)

Andy Wolf - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Kristin Welch Kristen Welch - (announced Oct. 20, 2003) A native of Amherst, New Hampshire and recent graduate of Alfred University.  Welch served as a volunteer on the John McCain for President Campaign in New Hampshire in 2000. 
Megan Yaples Megan Yaple - (announced Oct. 20, 2003) A native of San Diego, California and recent graduate of Southern Methodist University. 

Portsmouth -- 801 Islington Street, Suite 13  (Rebecca Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 2, 2003)

Sarah Boot - (announced July 28, 2003) 2003 graduate of the University of Michigan and student body president there 2002-03.
Kristin DeLuca - (announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native of Dayton, Ohio and a graduate of Chatham College, DeLuca served as deputy press secretary for Congressional candidate Katrina Swett in 2002. 

Rochester -- One Wakefield Street, Suite 10  (Rebecca Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 2, 2003)

Liz Mullane - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of the University of Michigan; managed Sarah Boot's student body president campaign.
Nick Blair - (announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native of Norton, Massachusetts and a graduate of Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.

Keene -- 141 Winchester Street  (Marcia Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 15, 2003)

Jon Berkon - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) A native New Yorker and Yale graduate.

Salem -- 232 North Broadway (RT 128), 2nd Floor  (Matt Lieberman did grand opening on Oct. 24, 2003)

Nancy Texeira - (announced Sept. 25, 2003, initially worked in Nashua office) Previously worked as the deputy field director in Bergen County for the New Jersey Coordinated Campaign.

former: Carl Van Note - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate and former class council president at Merrimack College.  Van Note served as a field operative in Salem for the 2002 NH coordinated campaign, and worked on several statewide campaigns in Massachusetts.

Lebanon -- 20 West Park Street   (Sen. Lieberman did grand opening on Oct. 24, 2003)

Tracey Rogers - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) A native of Pennsylvania; served as an organizer for the Illinois Coordinated Campaign in the 2002 elections.

Laconia -- 14 Pleasant Street   (Hadassah Lieberman opened Nov. 3, 2003)

Jen Gaspar - (started early Aug. 2003; announced Sept. 25, 2003) A 2002 graduate of Johns Hopkins University.  Field director on Mike Swaim for State Rep. in Salem, Oregon in 2002.  Interned at the DNC, at Greenberg Quinlan, and in 2000 for the Host Committee in Los Angeles.  Originally from Los Angeles.
Dennis Feehan (Nov. 3, 2003, announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native Granite Stater.  Graduate of Harvard University.
Matt Wilhelm (announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native of Nashua, NH and Student Body President of Plymouth State College.

Berlin -- 2 Main Street   (Sen. Lieberman officially opened Dec. 2, 2003)

Josh Robinson - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Previously worked as a regional coordinator for the North Carolina Democratic Party.  A native of Alabama.
Eamonn Donovan - (announced December 31, 2003) A native of Boston, MA and a graduate of Salisbury State University in Maryland, Donovan served as GOTV coordinator for Carroll County in the 2002 NH Coordinated Campaign.

Claremont -- 20 Tremont Square (the Moody Building)    (Hadassah Lieberman officially opened Dec. 18, 2003)
Jason Ascher - (one of 16 field staffers announced on Oct. 20, 2003; initially Salem) A native of Staten Island, New York and recent graduate of SUNY-Buffalo. 

Ann Bodden - A native of Kewaskum, Wisconsin and recent graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. 
Gretchen Smith - A native of Waverly, New York and recent graduate of SUNY - Binghamton as well as a former summer intern on the campaign.

On December 31, 2003 the campaign announced 9 new staffers; some in field offices as indicated above.

On October 20, 2003 the campaign announced 16 new field staffers; some of these are now working in field offices as indicated above:

Andy Asensio - A native of Newington, Connecticut and former summer intern on the campaign.  Asensio is taking a semester off from Georgetown. 

Peter Bondi - A native of New Haven, Connecticut and recent graduate of Cornell as well as a former summer intern on the campaign. 

Jen Drorbaugh - A native of New York City, New York and recent graduate of Dartmouth College. 

Matt Grieger - A native of Lebanon, Indiana and former summer intern on the campaign.  Grieger is taking a semester off from American University. 

Jenny Martinez - A native of Dublin, California and recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. 

Lori Queen - A native of Westfield, Massachusetts and recent graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island. 

Samuel Ritzman - A native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and recent graduate of Hobart College in New York. 

Sarita Vanka - A native of Champaign, Illinois and former summer intern on the campaign.  Vanka is taking a semester off from University of Illinois-Champaign. 

Betsy Weintraub - A native of Memphis, Tennessee and recent graduate of University of Tennessee-Knoxville.  Weintraub recently stepped down as president of the Knoxville area chapter of NOW.

On December 19, 2003 the campaign announced "Joe-Term" wherein more than 100 students from New Hampshire and around the country will work from regional offices and the Manchester headquarters starting on January 1, 2004.
Press Secretary Kristin Carvell
(started April 24, 2003)  Recently at the New York public relations firm Bender/Helper Impact.  Press secretary for Carl McCall's unsuccessful 2002 gubernatorial campaign in New York; press secretary to Sen. Robert Torricelli, 2000; press secretary to Alabama governor Don Siegelman, 1999; press secretary to Georgia governor Zell Miller, 1998.
Deputy Press Secretary Marion Steinfels
(announced Sept. 5, 2003)  Served as deputy press secretary during Gov. Don Siegelman (D-Ala.)'s 2002 re-election campaign.  Graduate of Huntingdon College in Alabama.
Press Aide David Solimini
(announced Sept. 5, 2003)  Started as a summer press intern; attends the College of William and Mary in Virginia.
Press Aide Travis Meyer
(announced Dec. 31, 2003)  A native of Silver Spring, Maryland and a graduate of Indiana University, Meyer recently served as a field organizer on a successful State House race in Virginia.
Advance Lead Zack Tindall
(started September 1, 2003)  Before joining the campaign, Tindall was a Senior Account Executive at Edelman Public Relations in Washington, DC (2002-2003).  Prior to Edelman, Tindall developed grassroots and public affairs campaigns at Ketchum Public Relations (2000-2002) and was a Legislative Assistant at The Dutko Group (1999-2000).  Additionally, Tindall did Clinton/Gore White House Advance (1999-2000) and worked for the polling firm Penn, Schoen and Berland (1998).  Tindall is a graduate of Arizona State University.
Advance Sean Downey
(announced as Manchester co-director on July 28, 2003)  Field and political director for Manchester City Democrats during the 2002 elections.  2002 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. Native of East Sandwich, Mass. 
Co-Volunteer/Intern Coordinator Meagan Coffman
(started April 15, 2003)  In 2002 was Student/Volunteer Coordinator for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, recruiting students from eight states to volunteer for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's Senate Campaign and organizing hundreds of people for GOTV.  Graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, where she was president of the College Democrats.  In fall 2000 she led the GoreCorps to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, Florida, Oregon, and back to Florida.
Co-Volunteer/Intern Coordinator Kiley  Gossalin
Came to NH from the national office in No. Virginia.
Seniors Coordinator Siobhan Oat-Judge
(announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native of Connecticut and a graduate of Yale University. 
Director of Operations Bill Redding
(started April 10, 2003)  Redding most recently worked as a field organizer for the 2002 NHDP Coordinated Campaign. Prior to that he was a Deputy Field Director for Steve Grossman's gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts, worked on State Sen. Brian Joyce's special election campaign in the 9th CD, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s re-election campaign, and Richard Licht's Democratic primary campaign for U.S. Senate in Rhode Island.  Redding also currently serves on the North Attleboro (Mass.) School Committee and as Vice-Chair of the Democratic Town Committee.
Senior Advisor Bob Quinn
Served as special assistant to Ambassador Dick Swett, 1999-2001.  Interim chief of staff for the State Senate, 1998-99.  Campaign manager for Gov. Shaheen's 1998 re-election campaign.  Worked in Gov. Shaheen's communications office, 1997.  Executive director of the NHDP, 1995-97, and directed the NH Democrats' coordinated campaign in 1996.  Graduate of the University of New Hampshire.
Eastern Regional Director Rep. Raymond Buckley
(from April 1, 2003) Vice Chair of the NHDP, chairman of the Manchester City Democrats, House Democratic Whip.  Buckley has experience on presidential campaigns in New Hampshire since he served as Tilton town chair for Ed Muskie at age 12. 

Key Supporters
On January 25, 2004 the campaign announced 909 members of the "Independents for Joe" steering committee. 

On January 20, 2004 the campaign announced endorsements from four leading former supporters of Dick Gephardt:  former U.S. Congressman Norman D'Amours of Manchester, Manchester Alderman Betsi DeVries, State Rep. Alice McDonough Wallace of Manchester and former State Rep. Theresa Drabinowicz of Nashua.

On January 20, 2004 the Manchester Union Leader, New Hampshire's largest newspaper, endorsed Sen. Lieberman in a front page editorial.

On January 18, 2004 the Lawrence Eagle Tribune endorsed Sen. Lieberman.

On January 11, 2004 at headquarters in Manchester the campaign announced "Independents for Joe," 280 Independents endorsing Joe Lieberman for President.  Co-chairs of the "Independents for Joe" steering committee are former New Hampshire Attorney General Greg Smith, who served from 1980-84, and Leonard Arkerson, who served as John McCain's Strafford County Chair during the 2000 NH Primary campaign.

On December 21, 2003 the campaign announced more than 60 additional former New Hampshire McCain supporters have endorsed Lieberman, bringing the total to more than 100, including 15 former McCain town chairs.

On November 16, 2003 the campaign announced “McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman” Steering Committee, 41 New Hampshire supporters of McCain's who have endorsed Lieberman, including 11 former McCain town chairs.

On November 4, 2003 the campaign announced  "Students for Joe" - a steering committee of 34 students from NH colleges and universities.

Sen. Lieberman's Earliest Announced NH Supporters

State Representatives [in addition to Buckley (3/13/03) and Pappas (4/8/03)]
Rep. Tom Katsiantonis - Manchester 
Rep. Alice McDonough Wallace - Manchester   1/20/04-backed Gephardt until he withdrew
Rep. Maurice Pilotte - Manchester  6/5/03 
Rep. Frank Sullivan - Manchester
Rep. Peter Sullivan - Manchester 
Rep. Bette Lasky - Nashua 
Rep. Lori Movsesian - Nashua 
Rep. Corey Corbin - Sandown   6/17/03 
Rep. Matt Vallone - Epping  4/8/03 
Rep. Deanna Rollo - Rollinsford  5/10/03 
Rep. Kathy Taylor - Dover   5/10/03 
Rep. Kati Taylor - Dover  5/10/03 

Interview: Liberals for Lieberman

Team Joe in Action
State Director Peter Greenberger, Press Assistant David Solimini, staffer, staffer, Signs, Flyers (10/10 or 10/11/03)
Field (10/6-10/11/03): Concord, Portsmouth, Nashua, Rochester
JoeMobile (7/3/03)
More Lieberman NH Headquarters (6/24/03)
A visit to Lieberman NH Headquarters (5/22/03) 

Charles Swirsky - (one of 16 field staffers announced on Oct. 20, 2003; went on to work in the CT office) A native of New Haven, Connecticut and recent graduate of University of Wisconsin. 


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